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Planning Approval

Looking to build, redevelop or convert?

In most cases, you will need plans & advice to take your idea through the first tier of the Local Authority process. 

We provide full planning advice as to what you can do and that which suits your property.  We advise whether to proceed within the scope of Permitted Development and subsequent Building Notice works, or whether your project will be best served by a Prior Approval or Full Planning submission.

Following initial design concepts, we prepare plans, submit and negotiate with the Local Authority on your behalf in order to secure the appropriate permission you need to start building.

We also regularly undertake a range of more advanced planning applications and are able to make the planning case where matters are less clear cut. These cases include but are not limited to CLEUD & Appeals to the Planning Inspectorate.

If you have a land use and/or planning problem, we are well versed in solving such issues.

planning permission application drawings plans architect council building plans

Viability Appraisals 

 In addition to organising planning approvals, we also provide advice on the suitability of land for planning consents, potential alternative uses of existing buildings and assess the most appropriate uses for a particular site. Our assessments include all aspects of the local planning environment and will determine how your land is suitable for development.

This detailed advice is useful at the pre-purchase stage for our speculative clients, where assessment of a suitable mix of house type and the chances of a successful planning consent can assist with offers & valuations. These assessments also form the basis of any Pre-Application submissions and meetings with the Local Planning Authorities.


While this service is engaged most commonly by our speculative clients seeking to improve the value of possible land plots, offices & shops, it is becoming more common for individual property owners with possible building plots.  

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